1. I am interested in catering. How do I start?

Great. You can click on the red start button on the catering page or you can email directly

2. I submitted a catering request but I changed my mind and don’t want to place an order

No worries. The form is only a request for information. You have not placed an actual order.

3. I don’t see a menu. How do I choose what I want?

We keep it simple. When you order Dos Toros, you get the full Taco Bar. That’s right. We bring all 20 items in the photo so there is something to please everyone (and we mean everyone).

4. What if I only want guacamole and chips?

We offer a Guacamole Bar available for pickup. It is $5 per person with a 5% gratuity and it includes our epic guacamole, chips and our smokey sauce.

5. I see your minimum is 25 for NYC and 15 for Chicago. I only have 10 people. Can you suggest something?

We can set up a pickup order for 15 people but we don’t do the Taco Bar for less than 15 people. We bring so many items, it does not portion down well.

For 10 people, you can use a group order form or you can order some burritos, quesadillas and guacamole and chips from a 3rd party vendor, such as Seamless Web, DoorDash or Postmates.

6. We have people who have food allergies. Can you accommodate them?

Everything but the farro is gluten free and only the smokey sauce and our lime vinaigrette dressing have sesame oil. Also, we can provide an allergen sheet.

Allergen form

7. How much food comes in the Taco Bar?

We bring generous portions but people do tend to over-serve when it comes to Dos Toros. We recommend ordering for the amount of people you have.

8. Wait…but how many tacos do I get exactly?

It is a build-your-own Taco Bar. Most people make platos or tacos salads. We bring about 1.5 yummy corn tortillas per person but can always bring more at no additional charge.

9. What else comes with the Taco Bar?

In addition to the yummy food (plenty of our epic guacamole), we also bring platos, forks, serving utensils and napkins AND we set it up for you.

10. How do I pay?

We take your security very seriously. We use Square invoicing so there is no need to send your credit card information over email or over the phone. You will receive an email from Square the day of the event and you can pay using that link with any major credit card.

We also take corporate checks and if you order often (which we recommend) we can set up an ACH.